☆ spacegirl you live in the clouds speckled pink like a tulip : loving the wild of the night flecks of bluein your sight. spacegirl you burn thru the skies : hearts of men on the ground at your feetpile of dust at your sides: like an animal’s lureof their prey – you commit toContinue reading “TEMPTRESS”

dopamine man.

you’re fucked up –    a twister of        nothingness and ruin being sick on the side             of the road    + broken-toed birds half nakeddancing on your lap–  a hardonspending all your money on   hookers and cigarettes      in london she said you were destructive :   a hurricane   a tidal wave but you’d rather get high off novacaineContinue reading “dopamine man.”


   “You have to believe me,”                        he said. I wake up in the morning and rub my eyes.My hair is cascading in unruly swirlsover my shoulders.The snow is falling in sweet caressesover my windowsill.He is sittingwith his back to me and mutteringfrantically about something I don’t know.His fingers are tapping on the deskas they doContinue reading “malfunction”

do u think im pretty check yes or no

she’s been romanticising reality, the only way sheknows to seize control again.and you didn’t hear this from her, but she’s beenworrying, about you, even though youswear there’s nothing to worry about.it’s easy for you to say.but just between you and i,it’s fear of the unknown,that’s what really does a person in.there’s a million different waysContinue reading “do u think im pretty check yes or no”