do u think im pretty check yes or no

she’s been romanticising reality, the only way sheknows to seize control again.and you didn’t hear this from her, but she’s beenworrying, about you, even though youswear there’s nothing to worry’s easy for you to say.but just between you and i,it’s fear of the unknown,that’s what really does a person in.there’s a million different waysContinue reading “do u think im pretty check yes or no”

another one of my existential crises [and i have a lot]

I’m not sure why, but lately I feel obsessed with the idea of mortality. I’ve been having insomnia just thinking about how I’ll die, and when, and what happens to a person after they’re gone. There’s all this stuff about pandemics and the earth becoming uninhabitable, and I’m getting older, and I know it’s inevitableContinue reading “another one of my existential crises [and i have a lot]”

when you write my eulogy [and all the things i want you to say]

i want you to indulge in the fact that i was not as accomplished as i was passionate,   that i did not dream of anything other than things i could not have,    and that i fell in love easily and often.        do not bury the truths under sugar coated compliments orContinue reading “when you write my eulogy [and all the things i want you to say]”

hard at work, or hardly working

Happy Friday! This week has been dedicated, thorough research for my WIP (which, if you’re curious, can be found in my Google Drive or by inquiry)! When I began this project I really had no idea how much effort would need to be put into editing and research, but I don’t mind. I find it’sContinue reading “hard at work, or hardly working”