they all pretend they understand: sneak peek

My second novel, Lavender Rose, will be available for purchase September 2021. I’ll be posting updates and the occasional sneak peek for those who are subscribed to my site: The boy in the mirror looks nothing like me. He has the same thick, ugly round glasses, the same black and white hair, but that’s allContinue reading “they all pretend they understand: sneak peek”

dopamine man.

you’re fucked up –    a twister of        nothingness and ruin being sick on the side             of the road    + broken-toed birds half nakeddancing on your lap–  a hardonspending all your money on   hookers and cigarettes      in london she said you were destructive :   a hurricane   a tidal wave but you’d rather get high off novacaineContinue reading “dopamine man.”

become a drama author? your life will become a drama.

Apparently, I’m a terrible parent who is not only brainwashing my child, but should also have him taken away from me. The reason for this? I let him wear a dress. It’s always been extremely upsetting to me how society treats feminine boys. Don’t let them cry, don’t let them dress even slightly “girly”, don’tContinue reading “become a drama author? your life will become a drama.”

new project

This week, I finished the final draft of my next novel, Lavender Rose. This means that publishing will officially begin this month, and the book should be released by summer 2021! I’m quite excited for this one. Lavender Rose is 225 pages of, quite honestly, what I think is my best work. It’s a drama/romanceContinue reading “new project”

the first chapter of a new novel: tales of uspax

Charlize Fournier was always the last to arrive. Sisters of the Setting Sun met after dark, always, when most of Uspax had fallen asleep. Charlize trudged through the fern and the sludge, her hair flying and leaping out behind her. “My apologies, dearest sisters,” she said, showing herself to the coven. “I was wrought with such unsettling news before myContinue reading “the first chapter of a new novel: tales of uspax”

i just want to take a minute to appreciate my boyfriend

I got a job offer for a daily 8-5 job in a different city. I have a five year old who goes to kindergarten every day, and I was hesitant to accept the job just because I don’t want to make my boyfriend babysit every day of his life. He has health problems and IContinue reading “i just want to take a minute to appreciate my boyfriend”

i’d like to cancel my subscription, please

As a kid, adulthood is one of those things we all look forward to until it’s here. It seems so magical: you can buy whatever you want, you don’t have to listen to your parents, and you don’t have a bedtime. I guess it has its perks. But at the moment, I’m finding it toContinue reading “i’d like to cancel my subscription, please”