neurodivergence in the workplace

One in five Canadian adults will struggle during their lifetime with some sort of mental disorder. This translates into more than four million adults who are dealing with possibly debilitating mental symptoms that affect their ability to live, work, and be productive. The cost of mental disorders, both treated and untreated, totals fourteen billion dollarsContinue reading “neurodivergence in the workplace”

It’s a neurotypical’s world

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down at a computer and actually put genuine effort into writing something. I could blame my “hectic schedule” – though while that is partially true, my motivation works in strange, annoying ways. A couple months ago, I got a job in fast-food. Obviously it’s not my first choice,Continue reading “It’s a neurotypical’s world”


Let’s take a moment to consider why it’s accepted by society for a woman to wear “men’s” clothes, but not for men to wear “women’s”. Let’s take a moment to consider that the reasons for this are obvious: 1.) it’s degrading to be a woman, and 2.) a man should be “manly”. Look, the patriarchyContinue reading “A PSA”


☆ spacegirl you live in the clouds speckled pink like a tulip : loving the wild of the night flecks of bluein your sight. spacegirl you burn thru the skies : hearts of men on the ground at your feetpile of dust at your sides: like an animal’s lureof their prey – you commit toContinue reading “TEMPTRESS”

sun children

It’s harder, some days than others, to be a functional adult. There’s always something in my life to stress about, always something that needs to be done. But things progress, one way or the other, somehow. I’ve been focused on looking at life as a child would: appreciating the little things, spending time in theContinue reading “sun children”

the downfalls of gender fluidity

These past couple days, and today especially, the level of dysphoria I’ve been feeling is just overwhelming. There’s always such a sense of incompleteness in my life, and I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it. When I wake up feeling an overwhelming urge to just shave my head, and put on aContinue reading “the downfalls of gender fluidity”


The last thing Birch’s mother said to him before his disownment was that she couldn’t support his choices, and so she couldn’t have him living in her home. Not that he chose any of them, but that didn’t matter; his mother was set in her ways. He supposed he’d rather have been disowned than continueContinue reading “moonchildren”