pretty liar

you’re a bitch.
for a girl who wants to rule the world
you don’t know much of anything
claim to love the boy you share a home with
though you know he’s dying you
don’t give a shit.

when you’re not sneaking out you’re sleeping in
when you’re not chasing cars you’re sucking dick.
you’re a trap
a girl with a pretty face
and nothing to say fucking
random men so you
don’t waste away
but you’re a pretty liar
and nobody need know.
for a girl who seethes with confidence
you’re all alone
[ to break your hearts + wreck your homes ]

you know what they say
nobody cares unless you’re famous or dead
cant you just be pretty and rich

but you’re a bitch
but you insist
they all must know your name
[ it’s eloise ]

Published by featherquills

i am a misfit and a wanderer, captivated by the mysteries of the universe and the secrets of humanity.

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