why are u so angry

because children all around the world are living in households of abuse, and can’t escape, and aren’t listened to.

because innocent men, women, and children are separated from their families for no reason other than race, and are refused the chance to be reunited.

because fashion magazines and the media tell women they aren’t pretty unless they look a certain way, and it’s an unattainable way to look.

because humanity still bases the worth of a person off the colour of their skin, and deems you a threat if you don’t look the same way they do.

because people are persecuted and killed every day for who they love, or what gender they identify as.

because humans kill other humans with no regard for their lives or their loved ones, and they don’t give a shit.

because all lives are equal, and that shouldn’t be controversial.

because boys suffer in silence, and can’t reach out because they’ve been taught it isn’t manly to have emotions.

because trans women of colour are treated disgustingly and are in danger just by walking out their front door.

because women are raped and too afraid to come forward for fear they won’t be believed.

because gender norms exist.

Published by featherquills

i am a misfit and a wanderer, captivated by the mysteries of the universe and the secrets of humanity.

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