do u think im pretty check yes or no

she’s been romanticising reality, the only way she
knows to seize control again.
and you didn’t hear this from her, but she’s been
worrying, about you, even though you
swear there’s nothing to worry about.
it’s easy for you to say.
but just between you and i,
it’s fear of the unknown,
that’s what really does a person in.
there’s a million different ways to tell a person
you love them
and i’ve heard you say
some of them
without saying anything at all
but she’s been romanticising her past
to make up for all the time she’s wasted in
shitty relationships.
you’d praise me for letting go of something toxic.
they’re all so eager for change until they realize they’re the ones being left behind
but that doesn’t matter anymore.
she’s changed herself a hundred times
to be the person everybody wants
sometimes it’s a lot easier to pretend
than it is to accept.
don’t mind me, i’m terribly impulsive
and i’ll follow you into the desert
without batting an eye.
don’t leave me alone out here,
i’m terribly passive and i’d starve to death
before asking a stranger for food.
she daydreams a lot,
it’s rather embarrassing but she’s too
afraid to tell you she likes you.
sometimes when you sleep, i stay awake and
watch you tunnel underneath the sheets
even when you’re pale and sleepy
you look lovely
she falls asleep in a nest of blankets
and never has bad dreams

there’s no need for sleeping
when it’s dark and you’re alone

Published by featherquills

i am a misfit and a wanderer, captivated by the mysteries of the universe and the secrets of humanity.

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